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Elden Ring's latest patch makes lots of things a little easier

From summoning to combat to soloing

Elden Ring's patch 1.06 offers dozens of small tweaks that should make your journey across The Land Between just a little easier. The biggest of the changes are to how summoning works, but there are also tweaks to quests, attack speeds, and bug fixes that'll maybe not make you die less, but will at least make your deaths fairer.

As the patch notes explain, the major addition is "the function to send summoning signs to summoning pools in multiple areas, including distant areas." Previously it could be difficult to find a co-op buddy to help when you were in quieter areas of the world, but now you should be able to summon players to your cause from further away.

Relatedly, the White Mask Varre questline no longer requires you to participate in a multiplayer invasion in order to advance, as you can now defeat "a new NPC" instead. That's useful if you're trying to solo the entire game.

There's a list of balance changes which make small but numerous adjustments to players wielding Greatsword, Curved Greatsword or Great Hammers, mostly to make attack speeds higher, increase the size of hit boxes, and reduce the amount of time it takes after an attack before players can roll. They all sound like re-balances to make these weapons more reactive and viable.

Lastly, there's a long list of bug fixes. Some of these likewise make the game easier, such as correcting an issue whereby wearing the "Deathbed Dress" would make you more easily seen by enemies, even while crouching. Others are hopelessly vague, eg. "Fixed a bug that causes some enemies to have incorrect visuals and behaviors."

If you're still plugging your way across The Land Between or these patches compel you to return to it, check out our guide to Elden Ring boss locations.

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