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Electronic Arts have reportedly cancelled Motive Studios's open-world action game

It had been in development for nearly six years

Since they succesfully launched into space with Star Wars: Squadrons, we've learned a lot more about what Motive Studios aren't working on than what they are. Next up for the studio isn't another Star Wars game and it also isn't the unannounced open-world action game they've been working on for years. The project codenamed "Gaia" has reportedly been cancelled by Electronic Arts.

There hasn't been a whole lot to know about Gaia, though sources "familiar with the matter" who spoke to Bloomberg mention that it had been in the works for nearly six years. It's likely the same open-world action game that EA hinted at back in 2015, not long after Motive was formed.

Last summer's EA Play down below included a few seconds from one of Motive's in-development projects, which may have been Gaia. EA called that project a "highly ambitious, innovative new game that puts the power and creativity in your hands." There's a bit of flying around a city environment and a some physics action when the character is able to telekinetically move objects around. Seems to fit the open-world action label.

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According to Bloomberg's sources, "Gaia’s development was turbulent and the game went through at least one major reboot, which may have been a factor behind its demise."

For their part, EA responded by saying "We have a deep and robust pipeline of new content with more than 35 new games in various levels of incubation and development."

It's a bit hard to be disappointed about Gaia's downfall from the outside since we knew so little about it. Six years is quite a while to be working on a game that never winds up launching though, so it's a shame for the Motive folks. The Motive studio will remain intact, Bloomberg report.

Their most recent Star Wars: Squadrons sounded like it was quite good. Nate called it "elegant and joyful" in his Star Wars: Squadrons review. Perhaps whatever they wind up on next will inherit some of that spirit even if Gaia didn't make it.

Gaia's cancellation was supposedly part of EA's recent efforts to evaluate in-progress projects. They also recently cancelled Anthem Next, BioWare's effort to overhaul their not so great online sci-fi game.

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