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Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 172: the best finishing moves in games special

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This week the Electronic Wireless Show podcast is going all in on our favourite finishing moves. This doesn't just mean things from fighting games, although they do obviously make a good showing. As you can imagine, Nate makes the case for RTS games with what he and his pals term 'the GG push'. Plus, we have a great Mortal Kombat themed Cavern Of Lies this week, courtesy of Matthew.

Much time is spent on some excellent digressions this week, including James McAvoy as a rampaging dinosaur from Jurassic Park (a state of affairs that I think would have improved his weird improv film My Son). Plus, could Matthew Save the world if he grew to six size the times of the earth and cut off a slab of his bum like a big steak, to feed us all? Will someone make a game like Deep Rock Galactic, but for mining Matthew's celestial bum-meat? A whimsical episode this week indeed.

Nate accidentally bought two French dudes and a bike.

Nate and the boys fear the GG push in Age Of Empires.

Big shout out to the ludicrous ultra-violence of Mortal Kombat, and the extreme hero super-moves in the Injustice series.

Matthew really likes the bike and pepper grinder finishers available in Yakuza.

The kills available in Hitman 3 are, in many respects, finishing moves (even when you're miles away when they happen!

Recommendations this week are Athony Horowitz's weird meta-detective book The Word Is Murder, an avenue for free advance copes of books in the form of NetGalley, and the High Spec brand Rotary Power Tool and Dremel MS20 compact 2 in 1 table saw.

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