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Elite: Dangerous Horizons Shows Off Moon Buggies

Planetary patrolling for your perusal

If the last 22 second clip of planet surface searching wasn't enough to whet your whistle, Frontier Developments hosted an hour-long livestream this week that showcased the upcoming Elite: Dangerous [official site] expansion Horizons' surface recon vehicles. Surface recon vehicles - or SRVs to us inter-galactic intermediate types - are essentially dune buggies in space and look hella cool.

I can just imagine us now, tearing up the surface of an alien planetscape, one hand on the wheel, opposite elbow propped on the arm rest, the zero atmosphere not blowing through our hair. If fact, why imagine? Take a small step or giant leap inside to see it for real.

Well, not for real, but as per Frontier's Elite: Dangerous Horizons interpretation (skip to seven minutes for the action):

Watch on YouTube

Looks like fun, eh? Whilst it's nice to have Frontier talk us through the SRV interface here, I'm looking forward to learning this at my own pace. I can only guess how many times I'll wreck my vehicle through misadventure: misjudging a wheel thruster boost, misunderstanding the new fuel management system, or making an arse of a flip or mid-air barrel roll. Houston won't know what to do with all my problems. Jay Z might even write a song about them. And that's before I even consider adding combat to the mix, which, although not the focus of this particular trailer, is almost certain given the fact that SRVs come equipped with a booster and a shield.

Horizons will be a series of paid expansions, costing £39.99 for the lot. You can boldly go to the first at some point this winter.

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