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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion is delayed

The pandemic has adjusted Frontier's timeline

Frontier Developments have been cooking up a new expansion for big space MMO Elite Dangerous but hold up, it hasn't been cleared to disembark just yet. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey had been planned for early in 2021 but that window is getting bumped back thanks to our constant companion Covid-19. Odyssey is now expected in late spring for PC players, Frontier say in a new announcement.

Due to the continued impact of the pandemic on their work, Frontier say they've moved things back by a few months for the PC release so they can maintain realistic deadlines for the team. Alpha testing on PC is planned for early spring. After that, Frontier say they've planned Odyssey's full launch for late spring on PC. Sorry, console players, you'll be waiting until Autumn.

"Much like our original Elite Dangerous release, we will be taking a phased approach to our Alpha, bringing new features and systems online throughout the period," they say. "This will allow us to focus and best consider our community feedback while also providing vital user testing on key areas of the game."

Odyssey sounds like quite a large expansion for the big spaceflight MMO. No longer will you be stuck hanging out in your cockpit all the time. You'll be able to get out and stomp around in all that space dirt on the planets you visit, visiting social hubs and getting a taste of combat on foot.

Frontier have been giving updates on Odyssey's progress over on YouTube, which they say they'll continue to do leading up to launch.

By the by, Elite Dangerous: Horizons, the expansion that added space cars for you to roll about in, is now included with the base game.

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