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Endless Legend Launches New Expansion, Holds Sale

Meet the Shifters

I would like to state, for the record, that our decision to declare Endless Legend [official site] our favourite game of 2014 was not at all influenced by our mascot/benevolent jailkeeper Horace the Endless Bear and his fondness for endlessness. It's a cracking 4X turn-based strategy game, okay. You already know if you listened to us and played it, in which case you may be interested to know the latest Endless Legend expansion, named Shifters, launched today. If not, hey, the game's on sale to celebrate the launch.

The Shifters expansion adds a new faction, the Allayi, who are in tune with the world. As the seasons change, so do their abilities. One's powerful counter-attacks in summer become straight-up attacks in winter, another goes from buffing your morale to demoralising enemies on those icy nights, and so on. People get really snappy in winter. Their seasonal focus also has creators Amplitude Studios overhauling winter, including letting folks cross frozen water on foot. Here, go look at the Shifters Steam page, where it's £7.49 - including a 25% launch discount.

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Check the patch notes for details on the patch accompanying Shifters.

Bigger, wider discounts are across the endless Endless games on Steam until the 14th.

Endless Legend is £7.81 thanks to a 66% discount, and DLC is on sale too. Endless Space is £5.49, and its extras are discounted too (some thoughts on Space from Adam). And Dungeon of the Endless is £3.05 (here's Wot Adam Thinks). Or a whole big bundle of Endlessness is £21.70.

I am out of Endless things.

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