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Endless Legend's Tempest Expansion Sails To Next Week


Amplitude Studios may have just launched Endless Space 2 into early access, but they're still not done with Endless Legend [official site] yet. Our favourite game of 2014 will receive a new paid DLC expansion, named Tempest, next week. It'll introduce naval warfare to the 4X strategy game, along with an aquatic faction who are called the Morgawr and can raise leviathans. They sound like my kind of seapeople.

Tempest spices up the sea of Endless Legend, upon a foundation of naval warfare. Ships can blast the heck out of each other, and also bombard cities. These seafights will be handy when trying to secure new Endless relics risen from the waves, which can provide resources and luxuries. Only, they're defended by guardians you'll need to deal with or deal with. Those same guardians will be patrolling "wild" seas, areas plagued by storms, fog, and debris too. You mighty find a handy Sea Fortress in the ocean too. Or maybe a mahoosive bundle of tentacles that will keep coming back after you defeat it, stronger and stronger. The oceans really are full of wonderful surprises.

That stuff sounds like a fair foundation for an oceanic expansion by itself, giving new reasons to visit the sea and new hazards to battle through. On paper, it sounds like a solid expansion?

On top of all that, Tempest will bosh in the Morgawr. These delightfully gross seamen specialise in naval warfare, becoming the scourge of the seas, the terror of the coasts, and the flippy-floppy of dry land. Along with raising honking great seabeasts, they have sneaky powers like mind control.

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Tempest will cost £9,99/12,99€/$12.99 when it arrives on October 14th.

It's been a fair while since we lost popped on our Examinating Spectacles to give Endless Legend a good look, so I turn to you: what's it become with all these expansions? And what would you like it to yet become?

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