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Enormous Fallout: New Vegas mod The Frontier launches today

Get your coat, courier

Fallout: The Frontier is a huge expansion-sized mod for Fallout: New Vegas that's been in the works for years now. It adds an entirely new map zone and storyline to New Vegas set in the wasteland of snowy Portland where three new factions are at war. The big project is launching today and it sure sounds like folks are excited to play it.

"The Frontier is an open world, similar in size to the DC wasteland, featuring a fully snowy Portland Oregon, with real life landmarks and locations," say the creators. They say that the modded expansion takes place in the same time period as Fallout: New Vegas itself so you'll be taking your familiar courier up north to investigate a new conflict.

Up in Oregon's wasteland you'll find a group of exiled NCR troops fighting against a northern faction of the Legion and some remaining Brotherhood of Steel refugees. You can catch the new release trailer above, which has the three faction leaders explaining why they're fighting all the way up in the snow.

You can find additional details over on The Frontier's website and it's pretty impressive sounding stuff. The creators say that there are three major quest lines and a good chunk of side quests too.It adds boss battles, new enemies, new creatures, and additional energy weapons too. On top of that, the entire thing includes voice acting, which is always an accomplishment for a huge modding project.

You can download Fallout: The Frontier over on Nexus Mods or on Steam. Do be patient with that Nexus link, though. Nexus have alerted players via their Discord server that "regular Friday evening traffic and the massive interest in Fallout: The Frontier combined are really hammering our servers".

Enjoy the northern coast, couriers. Just don't all rush in at once.

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