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Episodic Adventure Newness

Two new episodic adventures are in our futures. American McGee's Grimm is almost with us (July 31st), and Telltale have announced yet another series in the form of Wallace & Gromit. Trailers and comments below.

American McGee's Grimm
The Bishop of Wrongshire.

I'm intrigued by this. McGee got his reputation with Alice, but hasn't really done anything with it since. I hope this is as dark as it promises to be. They might have wanted to go over that trailer script maybe a couple more times, so that they don't have the same line twice in a row. Episode 1, which I believe has something to do with a boy learning what fear is, is out on 31st July, and then weekly episodes after that. Weekly is a big gamble, and it'll be fascinating to see if it works.

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Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures
He rolls his eyes sometimes!

So joining Sam & Max, Strong Bad, and (they still appear to claim) Bone, is a fourth episodic series from Telltale, based on Aardman's most popular characters, Wallace and Gromit. What we know so far is that it won't be using exactly the same engine as the other games, instead creating what so far looks to be an impressive rendition of claymation. If the teaser is representative of in-game (and the artwork on the site suggests it might be) it could look rather lovely.

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There are no release dates or details about episodes yet, but Telltale promise the games will be written with Aardman involved, and stay true to the animations' humour. (Which, I shall say for the sake of being despised, I just don't get. It's slapstick in slow motion. Why does everyone love it so much?)

What I more practically would offer is the hope that this will see Telltale upping the file size of their downloads, so they can fix the dreadful audio in all their games. It's probably noble to keep things to 60mbish, and of course the real motivation for doing so - keeping it small enough for console downloads - is more clear now. But can the PC users, who download gigabytes without noticing, not have an extra hundred meg or so, so we can have voices that don't sound like they're underwater?

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