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Saturday Morning Cartoons: This Is EVE

Based on real events

Hello again you! It's 9 o'clock on Saturday morning and you're reading Rock, Paper, Shotgun, so you know what that means: cartoon time! This week we've got a cracker for you, a blast of action and drama from the world of EVE Online. So go on, grab a bowl of Coco Pops, pour yourself a glass of Sunny D, shut your dad out the room, and prepare to blast off.

'This is EVE' is CCP's latest attempt to capture what EVE Online "feels like", because what it actually looks like is so baffling to the uninformed observer. You miss all the drama and nuance in videos of menus. It was based on voice comm clips solicited from players, which EVE's cinematic team then spun out into this wonderful episode.

It comes shortly ahead of EVE's Rhea update, which will bring new things include direct keyboard flight controls on December 9th. Yes, they do sound more like fluff than genuinely practical, but small moments of steering a ship might help make EVE feel a lot more real. I've always found it quite abstract, not very spaceship-y, because controlling everything through menus and clicks isn't what I expect of a game about flying rad spaceships.

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