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Eve Online's Triglavians are coming to get ya in the new expansion


They've been a-lurking for a while, those Triglavians. Loitering in a corner of Abyssal Deadspace, minding their own business. Biding their time, building big scary spaceships. I think they're just about done.

Eve Online's PvE-focused Invasion expansion ventured out yesterday - as did the Triglavians. New Eden will never be the same again, say CCP, as the boundaries between Deadspace and regular, doing-just-fine-thanks-space begin to blur. Also you get to fly the fancy new spaceships.

First, here's a weird trailer that starts off naff but sort of gets away with it.

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Those Capsuleers (I've absorbed so much Eve lingo in the past 20 minutes, help) represent actual players who've been snooping around the construction site. Some of them made it out with Triglavian semiosis conduction consoles, which are apparently communication devices that might - sound the speculation alarm - be useful in the coming war. And war it will be.

Here's the news, from the space-horse's mouth: "The lines between known space and Abyssal Deadspace will be blurred, with invaded systems exhibiting strange environmental effects. Capsuleers will have to contend with an invasion by the Triglavians that starts on 28 May and intensifies during subsequent days and weeks. It will begin with roaming fleets of Triglavians, then escalate to Capsuleers fighting in Minor and Major Conduits and finally the World Ark Proving Ground."

Fortunately, you can fight back in three new Triglavian ships with silly names. There's the "Nergal Assault Frigate", the "Draugur Command Destroyer" and the "Ikitursa Heavy Assault Cruiser". CCP have also made additions to the war declaration system, and chucked in some new multiplasmids. I've not had enough coffee to grapple with what a multiplasmid is. Here are the patch notes in full.

I've only played a tiny bit of Eve. It's too spreadsheety for me, but I'll never tire of being on the outside looking in. There are the war stories, of course, but then there are also things like this official news station that reports on expansion shenanigans as well as cool player achievements.

Watch on YouTube

Keep on truckin', Eve. I'll keep watching.

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