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Eve Online is currently testing out a "significant new visual update"

You can sneak a peek now on the Singularity server

Space trading and warfare MMO Eve Online isn't looking half bad for its age at 18 years old. CCP are looking to keep those ships in ship shape with what they're calling a "significant new visual update" to make space more colourful with shader and lighting updates. The update has hit the Singularity test server as of today, so you can check out the changes.

CCP explain that the graphical update is part of their plan to keep Eve beautiful into its 20s.

"These changes are part of an ongoing commitment to improving the foundation of EVE, and setting the game up for a thriving third decade. By deleting the gray coloring, these upgrades will bring New Eden to life like never before."
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"Deleting the grey colouring," they say. Good one, CCP. We all know old graphics cannot be deleted, only tightened up. Here are some of what's changed, according to their announcement:

  • Shader adjustments
  • New lighting changes
  • The colors of New Eden becoming brighter and deeper
  • Gradients smoothing out and highlights being better represented.

That's all live as of today over on Eve Online's test server Singularity, for those interested in a test flight. Otherwise, you can spot some before and after pictures over in their announcement post for the update as well.

In other matters of Eve's future, Brendy Caldwell recently talked with CCP's CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson who says Eve will never die. He could be right. It is still one of the best MMOs in 2021, though it's not even quite the oldest on that list.

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