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Eve Online Kronos Expansion Out Now, Brings Piracy

Yet another frontier, how many of these things do they have?

The universe just keeps getting bigger, the sneaky wee thing. As announced at community summit Fanfest, Eve Online's bi-annual expansions have been done away with. CCP is instead opting for smaller installments ten times a year. The first of these, Kronos, has now been released, dispensing another collection of ships, modules and tweaks for the world's most loyal MMO players. The next one, Crius, has also had its release date moved forward to July 22nd and will include industry changes originally intended for Kronos but which have been delayed.

Despite the intention to reduce the size of each expansion and having some of its content moved to a future release, Kronos is still a hefty beast. There's a whole new set of ships hailing from a mercenary band named Mordu's Legion, one of which you can see above. They're aesthetically flat, literally, and boast improvements to both missiles and mechanisms for preventing enemy ships escaping your iron claw of justice/thievery. They come in addition to overhauls to already present pirate ships, which have received unique effects based on which group they belong to.

There's also the introduction of Eve's first stealth miner, The Prospect. It's the only ship designed for harvesting that's also capable of using cloaking devices at warp. It's part of an initiative to incentivise mining in more dangerous locations, more of which is detailed towards the bottom of that post. Mining being long held as Eve's safest, quickest and most boring route to riches, this certainly seems like a step in the right direction.

That's all just the tip of the spaceberg though, with loads of changes across the board. They've even given the New Eden store a makeover. Perhaps most importantly, there's a new exit warp sound, the most glorious type of sound in all of video games:

If you'd like more HOT EVE CONTENT, we have so much it's spilling out of our cargo hold and all over your eyeballs.

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