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EVE Online will wage war with Doctor Who's Daleks in a crossover event

I'd recommend taking the stairs

MMO EVE Online has players form roving bands of cartels and moon-rock mining operations. Corporations thrive and wars are waged. It's a space-opera filled with twists in many tales. Here's another twist for you. The game's getting a Doctor Who crossover and the Daleks are ready to roll in and yell "EXTERMINATE!" lots.

EVE Online's crossover with British TV classic Doctor Who starts on the 13th January and runs until the 1st February. It's an in-game event called The Interstellar Convergence, that's set before Who's 400-year-long war with the Daleks. There's also a login campaign with skill points and Doctor Who-themed items over the course of the event.

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Seems like there's some investigative work to be done before you face off against the Daleks too. In the "Gallifrey-themed space", you'll need to search for artifacts from Doctor Who's Great Time War. From the sounds of it, you probably won't find Daleks roaming around usual space as they'll be confined to their own portion. Only once you've located the killer bins will you engage in an "interstellar battle for the ages". Survive and you'll "reap unique rewards". No mention of what these are, but here's hoping a magic screwdriver is bundled in somewhere.

Other details are scarce, but there's mention of "wormhole-like phenomena" that's taking ships from EVE's New Eden to an "area of space littered with wrecks of unknown vessels - and traces of others that have moved on". Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Daleks haven't rolled out the red carpet for this one.

Looking round EVE forums, many players seem upset that effort is going into a tonally strange crossover rather than other features. But then again, there will always be some backlash to newness.

Admittedly, the last series of Doctor Who I watched featured David Tennant and Billie Piper. Got quite emotional when it ended, then could never go back. If I learned one thing, though, it's that Daleks aren't the best at climbing stairs. Warp to an amphitheatre and you'll win the Great Time War I reckon.

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