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Nothing But The Rain: EVE Valkyrie E3 trailer

Simple pleasures

One of the things people were most excited about at this year's E3 was getting new information about the Oculus Rift. It's turned out news of the virtual reality headset was fairly thin on the ground, other than a reiteration of things we already knew: a consumer version likely won't come till the end of next year, and that the company continues to use Facebook's billions to hire every living engineer.

If you were disappointed there wasn't more, then comfort yourself with this new trailer for EVE Valkyrie. The Rift game from CCP is set within the EVE Online universe, is about quick, arcade-style dogfighting, and is being co-published by Oculus. Find that new trailer below.

Unfortunately, while any new footage of Valkyrie is welcome, this doesn't show much more than the EVE Fanfest trailer released last month. Still, it's spaceships and pew-pew, and while I can play Elite: Dangerous right now - and have, and am, and I enjoy it - Valkyrie is still on my most wanted list. I've played it twice using the original Rift devkits, and it's a whole different experience to play a three-dimensional dogfighting game in a world where you can easily look up. Seriously.

CCP Games were one of the original Oculus Rift Kickstarter backers, and Valkyrie began life as a prototype developed by a small team at CCP's Icelandic office using the devkits they first received. It made such a splash at Fanfest in 2013 that CCP began pursuing it as a full development project, being made predominantly at their offices in Newcastle. Its development has supposedly been unaffected by recent layoffs, which saw the the cancellation of their World of Darkness MMO, and a further 49 layoffs just last week.

If you need more spaceships in your life, you can read Nathan's hands-on impressions of EVE Valkyrie and his interview with its designers, or read our recent substantial look at EVE Online and the newly announced Project Legion from EVE Fanfest 2014.

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