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Space Is The Place - New EVE: Valkyrie Trailer

Pretty pretty dogfighting

EVE: Valkyrie [official site] is so very, very pretty. The multiplayer dogfighting spin-off from CCP's intimidating MMO seems to capture what EVE battles sound like when someone tells you about them, not the confusing zoomed-out radar screen covered in blips that big fights actually look like. Being made exclusively for VR cybergoggles means the immersive view looks jolly good too.

With their annual EVE Fanfest going on in Iceland right now, CCP have released a new staged gameplay trailer showing all this off. Oh me oh my it's a corker:

That moment when your ship gives out and lets the vacuum of space in and your body ices over - gosh! Haven't we all dreamed of such a beautiful death? And the hostile ships warping in! Oh, it's all just so nice. And yes, those orders are coming from the voice of Katee Sackhoff, Starbuck off that there television.

Our Pip's at EVE Fanfest and had this to briefly tweet: "Been playing Valkyrie's new game mode - a point-capture-with-drones-and-dogfighting thing on a space ruins necropolis map :O". Splendid. I assume she'll have more to tell us all about it later.

EVE Online has a universe of large, beautiful, and odd things that I happily kept exploring even when my interest in EVE itself ran low, and I'm very excited to see them up close. The VR requirement is a problem for me and my unfoolable eyes but heck, I'll stick it out.

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