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Ex-Battlefield Devs Making A New Viking Monster

Wight enough

There have been plenty of Viking games, putting you in the heavy boots of the giant-slaying, bloodthirsty war men. But what about all the poor mythical beasts they keep killing? Project Wight (a working title) plans to explore what that conflict looks like from the perspective of a creature hunted to the edge of extinction by the northmen. If, like me, all you want to do is lurk in a dank cave and frighten anyone who enters, then you’ve come to the right place. I have a trailer for you here, showing off some of the creatures’ hiding and fighting skills.

Cover image for YouTube video

I am all for an anti-Beowulf tale of animal retribution. The potential of stalking the mead halls of tribal war chiefs at night and throwing them out of bed with a snarl fills me with twisted glee. But it’s early days from the looks of things, and there aren’t many details in the video about the plot or systems involved in all the murder. The developers haven’t even settled on a title yet, the silly billies. For now we just have some dark caverns and a monster wearing Far Cry 3’s wingsuit, which, to be fair, is a wonderful image.

It’s being made by fresh studio The Outsiders, established by former Battlefield and Payday developers. The man talking over the trailer is David Goldfarb, who worked on Payday 2, Battlefield 3 and Mirror’s Edge among others. We might know more about this first-person monstering some day in the future. Until then, stay in your cave.

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