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Ex-Telltale Thriller OXENFREE Announced

Unlike my hybrid OXEN-BEE this is safe to have at home. Probably.

A group of ex-Telltale and Disney developers have come together to form Night School Studio. Their first title, OXENFREE [official site], is an adventure game about a group of teenagers who accidentally get into some spooky goings on while spending the night on a deserted island. The main character is Alex, who has brought her new stepbrother Jonas along for the ride. Announced at GDC 2015, check out the trailer and some more details below.

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It definitely has that dialogue-focused Telltale vibe and the cartoony friendliness you'd expect from Disney, at least to begin with. The radio motif and sudden change to threatening mystery are very effective though. Sadly there's not a lot else to go on at this early stage, beyond some more beautiful screenshots on the main site and information as to some of the excellent voice talent in the game. Glimpses of military schematics in the static between scenes give a hint as to the eventual plot, but it's got all the hallmarks of something that will be kept close to the chest all the way up to release.

In a tweet the studio confirmed that OXENFREE is coming to PC, hopefully by the end of the year. Expect to hear more about the game as info leaks out of GDC.

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