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ExcitingCapitalisation: NeoTokyo

It's the big mod release of the moment, and it's stylish enough to be worth a post. Running off the Source engine, NeoTokyo is a class-based team-orientated shooter with one eye staring longingly at their Ghost in the Shell box-set and the other at their Akira deluxe edition. Which makes you hope they've shelved it together, otherwise they're going to be going all googly-eyed. You can download it from a mass of mirrors and you'll find its incredibly elegantly done trailer beneath the cut.

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Though to be critical a little here - it's elegantly done, but it tells us jack all about the game other than "we have more idea of style than the majority of mainstream PC developers". While that's a great thing to do, you really should say why someone should care about the game more than its production values. It took me a far too many clicks around their site to actually find any actual features of the game (Class-based high-tech abilities like active camoflage and alternate vision, XP-system, squad-management systems), y'know?

So... let's do their job for them. Who's played it? What do you make of it?

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