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Expeditions: Rome will cross the Rubicon in January

That means it'll release then

The Expeditions series is a mixed or middling bag, but each new entry remains thick with potential. Expeditions: Rome is no different: a sprawling, 50-hour RPG in which you can lead a Roman legion through "Greece, Egypt and Gaul." It now has a release date, January 20th 2022, and a new trailer below.

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Expeditions: Rome offers an "alternative historical setting", in which you play a Legatus - a high-ranking military officer - forced to flee Rome. On your travels, you can use military might or a "silver tongue", and your decisions impact not only your own path but Rome's.

It seemed a much more ambitious game than its predecessors when Nate had a look at Expeditions: Rome earlier this year. He was most excited about the task of leading your Roman Legion.

Obviously, this isn’t going to be a Total War game. You’ll want, well, Total War for that. But it seems that Logic Artists have really leaned in to the army management side of the game: your hub in each act of the game is a military camp which you’ll actively manage and upgrade, while also making decisions about where to send soldiers.

Some decisions will buff your party directly, while others will have wider consequences. For example, the strength, deployment, and actions of your troops in a region will change the interactions your character has with NPCs, in ways that aren’t hard to imagine.

Nate also used the pun "That's Gaul folks!" though, which possibly disqualifies his opinions.

I do like a bit of turn-based combat, and a bit of history, and a bit of squad management. If someone can promise it won't end with me being stabbed 23 times, I'll give Rome a go. In the meantime, there's more screenshots and trailers over on Steam if you're interested.

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