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Explore a mysterious forest in free text adventure Mushroom Hunt

Granny is very suspicious if you ask me

One of the few things that’ll coax me outside under a damp October sky is the chance to pick mushrooms, and now I don’t even have to do that thanks to the joys of video games, specifically Mushroom Hunt. The free text adventure has a lot going on besides just looking for tasty fungi too, with a whole bunch of secrets hiding among the trees.

Granny will send you off looking for ingredients, but you have to wonder whether she knows more than she’s letting on. As you’ll soon discover as you move around and examine the many, many objects to be found, the forest surrounding her house is full of intriguing little hints that warrant further investigation. So even if you find the three mushrooms she asked for, you might want to go looking for other bits and pieces of story, or just soak in the ambience of its lovely descriptions of nature.

This may not really be the same beyond its most base goals, but it does remind me that I am extremely and deeply unsurprisingly excited for high-def fungus-picking action in Morels: The Hunt.

Also, that tile set on the game’s store page is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and the fact I can’t wear it on a shirt right now is criminal.

Mushroom Hunt can be played in your browser for free via itch.io.

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