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Morels: The Hunt looks like a regular hunting game, but bagging mushrooms not moose

The hunting game of my vegetarian dreams

In my descent into self-parody, I've often wished that all these beautiful hunting games didn't have any hunting. Just let me wander through woods, admire deer from afar, ride a quad bike, wear a head lamp, take some photos, then turn home without shooting anything through its face or heart. It seems my prayers are finally being answered by a hunting game which will even let me bag a hearty vegetarian dinner. Morels: The Hunt is a hunting game which deploys all the gear and scenery of conventional hunting games on a hunt for delicious mushrooms. I am so in.

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See? All the woodlands, wildlife, and widgets of a hunting game but with the goal of tracking down and bagging mushrooms. I am delighted by how much it resembles a regular hunting game at first glance.

The developers, Abrams Studios say that it'll progress through the seasons and eventually unlocks seven maps across the USA. Morels aren't the only mushrooms either; you'll learn to identify and hunt numerous prey species. Bountiful hauls and good photographs also earn points to unlock gear like bug spray, a headlamp, and even a quad bike.

Also there's a mode where you can play as the animals. And why not?

Morels: The Hunt is coming to Steam on October 15th. See its website for more.

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