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Extinction is out now (for a silly amount of £, $, €)

Wallets are endangered

Gargoyle-grappling action game Extinction is out now, offering large cities infested with muscular orc-a-likes and colossal ogres. It’s a bit like Attack on Titan, except the biologically exposed anime giants are replaced by armour-wearing big boys with sharp teeth and pointy ears. There’s a story campaign about saving civilians and beating back the Ravenii, as the baddies are called, alongside an “extinction mode” in which the waves of enemies never stop. Would you like to play that? Cool. Please insert £54.99 or the equivalent in a currency of your choi-- hey, where are you going?

I can’t believe they all just walked away. And I didn’t even get to show them this flashy launch trailer.

Cover image for YouTube video

Of course, the game looks less like that, and more like this or this. We haven’t got a review of Extinction yet, because we’re bad at our jobs. But if you were to glance briefly at RPS fanzine PC Gamer (please don’t look for too long) you’d see a lukewarm opinion of its ogre-felling. There’s reportedly not much to justify the high price.

It may not help that Attack on Titan 2 got a bunch of translations three weeks ago, making it playable in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. I'm guessing fans of attaching grappling hooks to large naked bodies would probably choose the creepy anime they adore over a brighter, more traditional fantasy version. Then again, Attack on Titan 2 also £55. How expensive is it to make giants? Do their organs cost more than regular baddie organs or something?

Anyway, it's out on Steam and will be getting its first DLC called "Jackal Invasion" in May. You can secure that with the Deluxe Edition, if you like. It's only £65.

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