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Both Attack On Titan games are permanently cheaper now

Surprisingly great hack-and-slashers

Turning Attack On Titan's giant enemies and grapple-hooking sword combat into a video game seemed like a tall order (pun intended), and one that a budget Koei Tecmo treatment seemed doomed to fail. And yet. As I explained in my Attack On Titan: Wings Of Freedom review back in 2016, the game absolutely nailed the series' action.

As of this week, both it and its sequel are permanently cheaper.

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Attack On Titan 1 is now £35/$40 instead of its previous price of £50/$60, and Attack On Titan 2 is now £40/$40, reduced from £55/$60.

I can't imagine there are too many people pumped that two games from 2016 and 2018 are now cheaper, so maybe this post is just for me, but also the anime remains popular so maybe not. In any case, the first Attack On Titan is very much one of those seven-out-of-tens: an action game that lacks polish or depth, but which transcends those limitations by delivering a very particular thrill.

That thrill is all about being a Spider-Man (actually a squad of gas-and-grapple-propelled anime teens) hacking the limbs off enormous Godzilla monsters (actually naked sometimes-skinless giant humans) in a city where all the buildings are destructible. You don't need to care about the anime - I bailed on it in season two - to get behind that idea.

When I reviewed the first game back in 2016, I called its £50 price tag "absurd". It has had regular discounts since then, and perhaps those discounts will be deeper in future, but if you're looking for something mindless, exciting, violent, like a fleshier Earth Defense Force, maybe now is the time.

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