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Extremely anime football game Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is out now

With our cleats combined

Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of New Champions is an arcade football meets sports anime with all the wild special shots you'd expect from that intersection. Super-powerful special moves and summoned animals and other extremely anime bits accompany the usual dribbling and scoring of proper football. Kickoff is coming because Captain Tsubasa it out now alongside a new ridiculous trailer.

Captain Tsubasa (as in the manga and anime, yes) "stars aspiring soccer superstar Tsubasa Ozora as he leads his teammates on a journey of grit and glory on the field through the ranks of multiple soccer leagues," say Bandai Namco. To take home all that football glory, you'll build a team of players and pick their skills to take on opposing teams in a story mode, versus, and online matches.

"The character Tsubasa Ozora does what all champions do: overcomes every challenge and digs deep within himself to selflessly lead his team to give their all," say Bandai Namco. "This is the universal story of sportsmanship and fierce competition, told with a distinctly intense anime style, to create a soccer anime experience like no other."

Yup, that launch trailer up above sure does have anime levels of intensity. These football fellas are summoning birds and tigers all over the pitch oh my. They can kick with the intensity of fire. It does seem like they're all going cleats up a bit more than you'd want to but I suppose they're all accomplished acrobats too. It's definitely not a serious football simulation, in case that wasn't abundantly clear.

The ball's in your field if you want it because Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of New Champions is out now on Steam for £40/€50/$60.

That's just one of many other announcements and trailers debuted during Gamescom opening night live last night, in case you're looking for more.

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