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Every new trailer from Gamescom's Opening Night Live stream

Watch all the new PC game trailers right here

Geoff Keighley and his Gamescom jamboree unveiled dozens of new PC games this evening as part of his Gamescom Opening Night Live stream, and we've gathered up every last trailer into one handy post. Whether you missed the stream or just want a handy recap of what went down, here's everything you need to know from Gamescom's Opening Night Live bonanza.

You can catch up on the stream here if you feel like re-living the event as it happened, but you'll find every new game announcement and all the important trailers in our list below. In the pre-show, we got new trailers for Bandai Namco's anime adventure Scarlet Nexus, scary firefighter 'em up Quantum Error, and the playground mode for Codemasters' soon-to-be-released Dirt 5, which is coming out on October 16th, but in the show proper there were over 35 games shown off. From an in-depth look at Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and the next Destiny 2 expansion to what's going on with Fall Guys Season 2, these are all the new PC games announced during Gamescom Opening Night Live.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - new trailer

Gamescom Opening Night Live kicked off with a new look at Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Missions will have multiple paths and player choices this time round, and every decision you make will help to shape which ending of the game you get, too. We also got a new story trailer for the campaign setting up the game's main enemy, Perseus.

Unknown 9: Awakening - new game announcement

A new game from Reflector, Unknown 9 puts you the shoes of street urchin Haroona, a young girl from Kolkata in India who has mysterious powers that let her see into the future. Unknown 9 isn't just going to be a game, either. There's a novel, podcast, a comic book series and more. You can find out all about it on the Unknown 9 website.

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part I expansion - new trailer

Doom Eternal's campaign is getting an expansion in the form of The Ancient Gods: Part I, which will see the Doom Slayer take on all manner of new beasties in hell, underwater and more new locations. It was first teased back at Quakecon two weeks ago, but now we've got the full version of that very same trailer. It's coming on October 20th.

Dragon Age 4 - new first look

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Bioware gave us our first proper glimpse of the next Dragon Age game. It's still in early development at the moment, but from the snippets of concept art they showed off, we're very, very excited.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead - new game announcement

Following the success of its Portal spin-off, Headup Games' physics-based bridge build 'em up is getting a new Walking Dead spin-off. Not much was shown of the game except a very brief glimpse of some zombies ambling across one of its titular bridges, but our guess is that you'll be building bridges against the clock to save your band of survivors.


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Sam & Max - new game announcement

Everyone's favourite pair of animal detectives are back in business. Developer Happy Giant only showed us a very brief glimpse of the game in action, and even suggested that it might be coming to VR headsets, too. More details are being announced during IGN's post-show, but we've clipped out the bit from the official ONL stream above.

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands - new faction reveal

We got our first look at World Of Warcraft's new Shadowlands faction, the Bastion, this evening, as well as the first episode of a new four-part animated short series called Afterlives. Shadowlands is also getting a full release on October 27th.

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Storm Ground - new teaser trailer

Coming in 2021, we got a very teeny tiny teaser look at the latest Warhammer game from Gasket Games and Focus Home Interactive. Set in the fantasy world of Age Of Sigmar, the game will feature the Stormcast Eternals and the undead Nighthaunt. It's coming in 2021.

Teardown - new game announcement

From Tuxedo Labs comes a new destructive voxel heist adventure. In Teardown, you'll be clearing the most efficient path to your goal with all manner of tools and weapons, and then escaping in the fastest time possible using your torn-down path.

Little Nightmares II - new trailer

Coming on February 11th 2021, we got a release date and another look at the sequel to Tarsier Studios' ultra creepy platformer Little Nightmares. While the first game saw you take control of Six, Little Nightmares II will put you in the shoes of Mono as you fight against the creepy Transmission.

Star Wars Squadrons - new trailer

We got an in-depth look at one of the missions from Squardron's story mode during Opening Night Live, as well as a very quick peek at some VR gameplay. The gameplay in question was from one of the early Imperial missions where you'll be extracting an agent called Thorn before blasting out a way out and making your escape.

The Sims 4 - new Star Wars expansion

The Sims enters a galaxy far, far away with the new Star Wars pack called Journey To Batuu. Featuring loads of Star Wars-themed furniture, clothes, wallpapers, and house architecture, It's coming on September 8th.

12 Minutes - new trailer

12 Minutes has been on our radar fro a while now, but today we got a proper look at the all-star voice cast for Annapurna Interactive's upcoming time-looping thriller. Starring Willem Dafoe, James McAvoy and Daisy Ridley, we cannot wait to play the final game.

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Godfall - new trailer

Godfall is a looter-slasher coming this holiday season, and today we got a glimpse at one of the new characters you'll be slicing and dicing with come Christmas. It was only a very brief glimpse, admittedly, but I quite dig their cool insectoid-y mask.

Mafia: Definitive Edition - new trailer

In this new story trailer for Mafia: Definitive Edition, we see how Tommy's introduced to the Family and the rewards that lie within if he can prove his loyalty. Rebuilt from the ground up, Mafia: Definitive Edition is coming on September 25th.

Lemnis Gate - new trailer

Lemnis Gate is a new turn-based strategy FPS built around a 25 second time-loop where you'll need to "disrupt the past to change the future". A prototype first emerged last year, but this new trailer gave us our first proper look at its gritty, sci-fi gameplay. If you dug Quantum League, you'll likely love this. It's coming in early 2021.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - new trailer

The first gameplay trailer for Lego Star Wars' Skywalker Saga, this compilation of all nine Lego adventures will let players experience the entire Star Wars story from start to finish when it comes out next spring.

Age Of Empires III: Definitive Edition - new trailer and release date

Coming on October 15th, the shiny 4K definitive edition of Age Of Empires III has finally got a release date. With updated graphics, a remastered soundtrack, new game modes, all the expansions and two new civilizations to get to grips with, we can't wait to dive in.

Chorus - new trailer

First announced during one of Microsoft's Xbox Series X showcases earlier this year, we got our first proper look at Chorus' intergalactic dogfight gameplay this evening. Still no proper release date apart from a vague 2021, but it sure looks like it's going to be exceedingly shiny.

Fall Guys - new trailer

We got our first look at the rounds and costumes coming in Fall Guys Season 2, and it's all going a bit medieval. As you take on the role of heroic knights and wizards, you'll be traversing draw bridges, castles and more.

Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond - new trailer

Medal Of Honor is coming to VR. Developed by Respawn, Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond will bring the personal stories of this classic war series to Oculus headsets (including the Quest) sometime this holiday season.

Spellbreak - new trailer

Launching on September 3rd, Spellbreak is a new free to play mutliplayer game. With its anime art style and fast-paced action, you play as a spell-casting battle mage where you'll be mastering the elements to fight your way to the top.

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Turrican - new game announcement

We didn't get a trailer or any gameplay footage this evening, but Factor 5 have confirmed that their classic Turrican series is making a comeback. From the looks of things, it's going to be a 30th anniversary compilation that will bring these retro action games together for modern platforms.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light - new trailer

Guardians will be harnessing the dark power of Stasis in Destiny 2's upcoming Beyond Light expansion, and tonight we got another look at exactly what kind of abilities you'll be playing with when it comes to PC on November 10th.

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