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World Of Warcraft delves into the Shadowlands this October

Questing in the afterlife.

You've killed every god, demon and monstrosity in the world of the living - so I s'pose it's time to quest through the afterlife instead. The next chapter in Blizzard's seemingly-unstoppable MMO, World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands tonight announced that it'll open the gates to the collective afterlives in October with two new trailers.

The first of these was a particularly lengthy animated "short" titled Afterlives: Bastion, with fan-fave paladin Uther catching himself in some mischief over in not-Valhalla.

Cover image for YouTube video

Then, however, Azeroth's adventurers got what they've been waiting for since Shadowlands' announcement almost a year ago. This year's WoW expansion will hit on October 27th - give or take a few hours given your location, according to Blizzard's handy release chart.

On top of adding five new zones, four player covenants and a procedural new dungeon, Shadowlands is also bringing more fundamental shifts to Blizzard's ageing titan - crushing the level cap from 120 to 60, and utterly revamping the new player levelling experience. Our go-to WoW expert Christos Reid has been poking through the Shadowlands beta, and reckons these should make it much easier to bring your pals into the 17-year-old MMO.

"Shadowlands, of course, is in itself a beautifully dark and lore-heavy expansion. But that experience feels like a storyline I can actually get my friends to dive into now, rather than a wall of expected knowledge and antiquated onboarding that would quickly dull their excitement. As a result, I’m the most excited I’ve ever been about guiding new and returning players into World Of Warcraft."

World Of Warcraft is currently in the process of winding down Battle For Azeroth ahead of the Shadowlands launch. If you've any last achievements or expansion-limited loot left to grab, you've only a few weeks left.

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