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Factory management sim Good Company has left early access

Two Point Corp? Capitalism Architect?

I am continually on the lookout for the next management game to obsess me, and Good Company looks like a good candidate. It's a tycoon factory builder about forming a technology company and leading it, from product design through hiring staff and all the way to replacing those staff with robots. It looks cute and, as of its departure from Steam Early Access today, robust.

Here's the launch trailer:

Cover image for YouTube videoGood Company - Launch Trailer

By robust, I mean: this looks almost like multiple games-in-one, given you seem to be able to get hands-on with designing the products you sell, manage your peeps Prison Architect-style, construct your factory Factorio-style, and can play the whole thing in singleplayer or co-op.

Steve Hogarty had a swig of capitalism juice back upon its initial early access launch in 2020, praising Good Company for its style, setting and intuitive interface.

Which I imagine is how Jeff Bezos does it, whizzing up and down the aisles of an Amazon warehouse on his Segway, gold coins spilling from his pockets as he turns sharply, before pausing at one rack, demanding to know why there are too many copies of Dean Koontz's The Eye Of Darkness, and then firing everybody in his eye line.

Sorry, that quote from Steve's article doesn't given you any extra detail about the game, I just like it.

Good Company's 1.0 release brings new additions and tweaks, including the final chapters of its singleplayer campaign, a revised 'freeplay' mode, the co-op multiplayer for up to 4 players, and a dozen other bits of re-balancing. It's currently 20% off on Steam.

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