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Faith: Chapter 2 and its prologue demo are out now

Exorcise regularly for a long life

Faith was a game I found hard to play without expecting blood to start leaking out of the corners of my monitor, and now its second chapter is haunting my hard drive. Developed by Airdorf, Faith is styled like an early microcomputer game, replete with harsh digitised voice clips. It's a (mostly) narrative-driven horror adventure about a priest returning to a house once thought exorcised. If you managed to get him safely home with both body and soul intact, you're ready for Faith: Chapter 2, released late on Friday night and costing just one dollar. See the launch trailer below.

Chapter 2 is a longer game than the first, and somewhat more demanding once you actually get to the heart of the haunted old church. The power of Christ may compel, but only if you point it quickly in the right direction. As with the first, there's multiple routes - a few of them secret- and some of them especially dark. While the critical path won't take long, there's a good couple hours of unpredictable spooking to be had. I'm hoping for a third chapter, of course. There's some exciting (and curious) stuff hinted at in this episode.

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New players shouldn't just jump into this second chapter, of course. Play the first game, followed by the demo for the second, then you're all warmed up to exorcise! The less said spoiler-wise, the better, but I will never not be creeped out by the wobbly, possibly-rotoscoped cutscenes. They're such a brilliant aesthetic choice, still acting within the chunky low-res bounds of the game's art style while looking uncannily life-like. How do you un-haunt a hard drive, anyway?

Faith: Chapter 2 is out now on Itch - you can pay what you want for it with a $1 minimum. The demo is more than just a chunk of the final game, so play that first. The original chapter is free on Itch, but with an optional $1/pay-what-you-want 'deluxe' edition.

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