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Fallout: New Vegas mod The Frontier returns with some dodgy content removed

Some voice acting is missing too because contributors no longer want to be associated with the project

Last week, the creators of the huge Fallout New: Vegas mod The Frontier made it unavailable to download after discovering one developer allegedly posted "animated pedophillic content" on their personal art accounts. Players also criticised innapropriate content in the mod itself, and the devs have now made it availble again with some of the dodgier parts removed. Some contributors have also requested their music and voice lines be removed from the mod too, because they no longer want to be associated with the project.

You can download The Frontier from Nexus Mods again now, and project lead "Tgspy" has given an update on the situation in the now-closed comments section:

"It has recently come to our attention that one of the artists for the project has been creating inappropriate content involving anthropomorphic minors for some time. None of the team members were aware of this person's actions prior to them coming to light, and we condemn them in the strongest possible way. That person was immediately removed from the team, and their contributions to the project were removed (which is the vast majority of pip-boy icons). Do note that, despite some claims to the contrary, this person had no influence on the writing of the project."

To that end, the devs have taken out content made by ousted artist "ZuTheSkunks". They say this was mainly "[pip-boy] icons and self-inserts", and said that this person had "no influence on the writing on the project". The whole mod was filled with dodgy decisions, however, and this statement still leaves things a little unclear as to who worked on the ickier parts.

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Players raised concerns about a questline which involved enslaving a teenage girl named America, as well as received complaints about underage character, Mae, who could sell the player porn she drew. Tgspy says they've now gotten rid of the slavery lines and Mae's "innapropriate" lines too, as well as removed "a few pieces of questionable content mod-wide".

"We recognize that these topics were not handled tactfully, however, there was never any malicious intent behind the writing of the lines," Tgspy says.

Another uncomfortable part that's been shut down for now is the Trochili. They're a race of vault-dwelling lizard people who live for getting high and having sex with humans (a sentence I hope I never have to write again). Tgspy says they've been "locked" and are temporarily inaccessible, though they have plans to bring them back as an optional add-on at a later date.

The Frontier is also missing some music and "multiple characters worth of voice acting", as some who contributed to the project, understandably, no longer want to be associated with it. The team plan on revoicing the affected characters sometime in the future.

As for the mod's Steam release, its page is currently hidden on Valve's platform "to allow for a more independent start". They want to push more updates in the future, and will have more details at a later date.

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