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Farm Sim 2022 Collector's Edition has a flashing orange light for your desk

Which flashes when your in-game light flashes

Move over, dismembered torso statuettes and ugly t-shirts: Farming Simulator 22 has claimed the trophy for Bestest Best Collector's Edition Bonus. The next plough 'em up's CE will include a flashing orange light which plugs into your USB port and will flash when your in-game tractor's beacon light flashes. Amazing. Just amazing. The best CE tat.

"Players operating heavy machinery can enjoy the illuminating orange light as it turns on in real-time corresponding to the vehicles' beacon light in-game," today's announcement explains.

The contents of the Farming Simulator 22 Collector's Edition.

I'd be astonished if it were a high-quality light, given that Collector's Edition tat ultimately is tat, but what an idea! I'm delighted. And if the game is built to hook into lights, surely someone will soon figure out how to connect an actual tractor beacon light to their PC. Pair it with that Logitech control panel made for farming sims, an old tractor chair bought off eBay, and a bucket of manure under your desk, and you'll really be virtuafarming.

Giants Software also announced today that one of Farm Sim 22's new maps will be a chunk of virtual USA, inspired by the Midwest. Look forward to rivers, hills, a waterfall, a baseball stadium, a gas station, and other such Americana around Elmcreek. They plan to gab more about the game at FarmCon 2021 in July, one of the many, many events on our E3 schedule.

Cover image for YouTube video🚨 Farming Simulator 22 is coming!

Farming Simulator 22 is due to launch this autumn. No price yet for the PC CE. The game's also due on PlayStations, Xboxes, and Stadia, but they don't get a flashing orange light so what's even the point?

I hope American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Sim try to one-up this by selling giant truck horns which honk when you parp in-game.

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