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This trailer rocks unexpectedly hard for Farming Simulator DLC

Is this a misunderstanding about "shredding"?

Picture a forest. Centuries of trees tower above you, swaying in the breeze and casting dappled sunlight upon you. You've walked several miles alongside a lazy river, waiting to for a pool deep enough to swim. Suddenly, you hear the revving of an engine and splintering of wood. An electric guitar kicks in. Buddy, you've just stumbled into the hella rockin' trailer for a new Farming Simulator 19 DLC, which DELIGHTFULLY cuts between footage of forestry machinery and a fella shredding on his guitar. It reminds me a bit of ye olde Faming Sim noscope meme videos.

Cover image for YouTube videoTo the forest! Rottne DLC now available

Amazing. Just amazing. Thoroughly delighted. No idea why they did this. It's not even a big DLC. Only adds two vehicles from new manufacturer Rottne. The game already has forestry, this just adds more options. But sure, that merits dissolves between sawing and shredding.

Maybe someone in marketing heard "shredding" and "axe" and got the wrong end of the stick.

Out today, the Rottne DLC adds the Swedish manufacturer's H21D wood harvester and F20D wood forwarder. But I don't think it adds a fella with a hat and guitar. It's sold seperately (on Steam now and presumably Epic soon) or comes as part of the season pass. Look, I'm only here to talk about the trailer.

Oh man, I've just noticed the EPIC SUPERHERO MOVIE music from the previous DLC's trailer about potatoes. Someone is loving their job.

Cover image for YouTube videoGRIMME Equipment Pack - all about potatoes!

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