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Farming Simulator 19 goes a bit Titchmarsh with landscaping

Sculpt that land

Virtual farmers, today you shall know true mastery of the land. No longer are you limited to tilling the soil in Farming Simulator 19, today you shall raise mountains, erect houses, and spend ages fiddling with fences to perfect your cute chicken run. Today's update adding landscaping, see, letting us editing the ground itself as well as slap down props like buildings, fences, and such; it looks pretty neat. Today, farmer, you become geomancer. The update also adds economic difficulty modes, making your harvest more bountiful or making The Man really gouge you with poor pay.

This video gives a sped-up demonstration of sculpting the landscape, changing the ground's material, plopping down structures, and so on.

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That's neat, that. Far from the realms of Planet Coaster's meticulous detailing, but neat. Though one curious thing is new grass we slap down seems to be just the underlying texture, not the sprites waving around on top of it.

Landscaping does cost money, mind - it's not a map editor. If you're short of cash but have grand dreams, you might fancy a fiddle with the new economic difficulty modes. They can make you get more or less money from everything, and tbh I'd crank the cashola up so I can muck about more. Until a farm is really up and running, payouts can feel disappointingly small for how much work you've put in. Oh sure that's farming for you, but c'mon this isn't a hardcore simulator.

See today's patch notes for more. Other changes include AI improvements and bug fixes.

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