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Farming Simulator 19 is free on Epic right now

You've seen the memes but have you sown the greens?

You've seen the memes but have you sown the greens? All and sundry (and sundried) are today invited to play Farming Simulator 19 for themselves for free, as it's the latest giveaway on the Epic Games Store. Maybe you'll try a 360 noscope furrow, or maybe you'll be drawn into the quiet world of virtual agriculture. My work sim of choice is trucking but yeah I'll nab this for free. I've milked a cow or two in my time.

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Farming Sim challenges players to both manage a farm and work it, buying seeds and animals and equipment and such then driving vehicles to handle the dirty work ourselves. It has cooperative multiplayer too so you can sack off work to go ride horses with your pals. And in the game.

After all the MLG memes, Farming Manager 2019 parody-proofed itself by adding an esports mode where you can lose to a tractor rush. Try to top that, memesters.

You have until next Thursday to grab Farming Simulator 19 free from the Epic Games Store. This is the base game, which usually costs £22, without the Platinum expansion which added a load new equipment in October.

After FS19, the next freebies will be three board game adaptations from Asmodee Digital: Carcassonne, Ticket To Ride, and Pandemic. They'll be given away from February 6th to 13th. Epic plan to continue weekly giveaways all through 2020.

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