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Fast And The Furrious: Sonic Racing Transformed

Yep, kart racing's still a thing. And on PC too, which is a mild surprise. Admittedly, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - an unwieldy, tongue-slicing mouthful of a name if ever there was one - sounds kind of interesting, if only because vehicles can go all Optimus Prime mid-race. And by that, I of course mean that you'll (automatically) morph into a boat or plane during certain portions of each implausibly geographically varied map - not an exploding special effects robot. Also, the original was apparently a solid, if somewhat derivative spin on the candy coated roadrage formula, and since Mario's probably not bringing his multi-sport playboy conga line through these parts any time soon, we'll just have to settle for his blue nemesis/Olympic figure skating partner. Morph this post into whatever your heart desires after the break - assuming, of course, that your heart desires a Sonic trailer, the greatest of all human needs.

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It's out "late 2012." Granted, this still fails to answer the question of why Sonic and pals - generally known for a need for speed that surpasses reality's need for the laws of physics - would confine themselves to mere mechanical contraptions, but OK then. Even so, I quite enjoyed the part where Sonic disproved the widely held notion that the world's round. About time someone put that "fact" through its paces.

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