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Fewer Oceans: The Evil Within Bumped Up In Europe

It's a ruddy postcode lottery

It is quite daft that big publishers still delay international releases of games--coming out on Tuesday in North America, then the Thursday or Friday elsewhere. Here on this wide wonderful web, which has no oceans, it's silly that they artificially stagger releases to appease retailers, especially given that most retail releases nowadays are little more than a Steam key in a box.

But it's fine, Bethesda have finally come to their senses with The Evil Within and bumped the release date forward to- oh no, nope, they've made it even sillier. Most of the world will now get the survival horror at the same time, but some of you will still need to wait a few days, because reasons.

Bethesda have moved The Evil Within's launch in Europe, South Africa, India and the Middle East up to Tuesday, October 14th--the same day as its big official launch in North America. Huzzah! However, if you're in Australia or New Zealand you'll still need to wait until October 16th, Bethesda explain, or October 23rd in Japan.

This charade appears to be because rather declaring "To heck with this!" and releasing the digital version worldwide at the same time, they've gone and bumped the retail release forward in certain countries. This keeps retailers happy, and cheers up people living in the right place. But they're still enforcing the oceans; they've simply bought a faster boat.

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