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FfffffaaaanTASY! Dawn Of Fantasy

Reverie World Studios haven't exactly managed to come up with the most excitingly original name for their new MMORTS - it's called "Dawn Of Fantasy" - but other elements of the game give us reason to murmur to each other over the internet, and surreptitiously keep an eye on things in the months leading up to release. Dawn Of Fantasy is a traditional orks vs humans type strategy in the style of the Total War games (so it's a big old campaign map punctuated with 3D combat), and most interesting of all, it's going to be a single player campaign and skirmish game with an option to turn it into an online game if you wish. Most recently they've revealed elements of the game map and, well, I'm just a sucker for maps at the worst of time, and this lures me in. If this can work as a single player game and an MMO then Reverie will have hit the jackpot. Naturally we're sceptical that anyone can pull this off quite so readily, but I guess we'll find out when the game turns up later this year. Slightly dodgy trailer below.

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