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FIFA 20 will hit the streets in Volta mode

Jumpers for goalposts...

EA blabbed about their latest annual Fifa kickabout during their big E3 blast and oooh hang on this year's big addition looks pretty neat! FIFA 20 will return to the streets with Volta mode for smaller kickabouts where the fashion is casual and the style dramatic. As an occasional matchgoer, it's my informed opinion that the worst part of football is the faff around the ball going out of bounds so heck yes let's go play on courts and in cages where we can kick balls--and even ourselves--of walls. That's the good goals. See in the trailer below.

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Look closely and you'll see me headed down the Greggs.

That Volta style is more to me interesting than regular virtuafootball, with its fancy tricks and intense pace. I hope it controls well enough to feel slick and fancy. EA do have experience with street football, having spun off the FIFA Street subseries for a few games years back. This will go down in a variety of sportscages of different sizes and shapes, in 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 modes - including rush, where there's no keeper.

As for the annual tweaks to FIFA's footballing heart, EA have a page up with details on AI improvements, ball physics, and control changes.

FIFA 20 is coming to Origin on September 23rd, priced at £55.

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