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Fin: Here Are The 'Minimal' Ludum Dare Winners

The dust settled on Ludum Dare's 26th marathon development sprint a couple weeks ago, but one very important question was left hanging in the air: who won? I mean, that's all games are about, right? Winning and losing? Oh, and TV, sports, and dogs. Urgh, sorry. The Xbox One reveal must have rotted my brain. In reality, games can be about quite a bit more, and Ludum Dare compos prove that time and time again. But when you're dealing with a list of 2346 games, it's helpful to have some form of organization. Jump past the break for the winner's circle.

Ludum Dare 26 consisted of two categories: 48-hour, single-person and 72-hour, with a team. The big winners in those respective divisions were Mono, a contemplative, brain-teasing, er, eyeball adventure and Leaf Me Alone, a delightful little Fez-and-Wind-Waker-inspired romp that I highlighted in haiku form. The top fives, meanwhile, went as follows:

48 Hour

  1. Mono
  2. You Must Escape
  3. Minimalism
  4. LOOP
  5. Undercolor Agents

72 Hour

  1. Leaf Me Alone
  2. Gods Will Be Watching
  3. Potato Dungeon
  4. Mustache Armies
  5. RUST

That's a lot of excellent, exceedingly free games, right there. And once you finish those, there's also Porpentine's roundup in addition to my own. I wrote a bigger thing about Gods Will Be Watching as well, and it's still probably my favorite of the entire jam. So yes, you now have a whole, whole, whole lot on your plate. I'll go ahead and leave you to it.

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