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Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster is set to arrive in February 2022

The final (heh) release of the bunch

Square Enix have drip-fed us Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters over the past year, with the first five having launched already. And now we know the remastered version of Final Fantasy VI, aka, the final dribble, arrives in February 2022.

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In a Steam post, Squeenix say that they’re taking time to get the last of the Pixel Remasters right:

”In order to bring you the best experience possible, we're giving ourselves the necessary time to apply final polish while finishing development on the game.“

Perhaps unsurprising news, as Final Fantasy VI made it into Katharine and Brendy’s best Final Fantasy games on PC power-rankings, albeit at number eight. Katharine said it’s “generally considered ‘the best Final Fantasy’ of the so-called classic era” but its mobile PC port is a load of rubbish. Something which Brendy didn’t hold back on, calling it “uglier than a pug’s bottom”. So, it’s understandable that Squeenix don’t want to get this remaster wrong.

Squeenix also announced some extra pre-order freebies. Namely some “Timelapse” remixed versions of themes from the soundtrack. These tunes start off with the original soundtrack version, then transition to the remixed one. A couple of pixel remastered wallpapers from FF1-6 are included now too.

Now the only ‘old’ Final Fantasy I’ve played is FF7 on Switch, so FF1-6 are unknowns to me. But judging by the trailer for the FF6 mobile PC port, it has a castle and mechs and snow. Seems like your boys *checks notes* Locke, must break *checks notes* a young girl named Terra from the Empire's clutches. Breaking princesses out of castles always gets a thumbs-up from me. I just hope they get the font right.

According to Squeenix, you'll need to "wait a while" before we can pre-purchase FF6 Pixel Remaster individually on Steam. For now, your only option is to pre-purchase it as part of the FF1-6 Pixel Remaster bundle.

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