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Final Fantasy VI's pixel remaster arrives on Steam on Feb 23rd

One of the most beloved Final Fantasy games

I've written about a bunch of Final Fantasy's pixel remasters over the past year, and each time there are people in the comments saying that Final Fantasy VI is the best, they can't wait for Final Fantasy VI, why isn't Final Fantasy VI being remastered yet...

Well, here it comes. Final Fantasy VI is getting the pixel remaster treatment on February 23rd.

All of the classic 2D Final Fantasy games were previously available on Steam, but only as ports of the mobile versions which did horrible things to the original game's pixel art. They were pulled from Steam last year, and remasters which perfectly maintain the original pixel art have been rolling out ever since.

Cover image for YouTube videoFINAL FANTASY PIXEL REMASTER | E3 Teaser Trailer (PEGI)

Originally released on the SNES in 1994, Final Fantasy VI is about a young girl with mysterious powers named Terra, a young man named Locke, and their escape from an evil Empire. I can't tell you why it's generally the most beloved pre-VII Final Fantasy because in our list of the best Final Fantasy games, Katharine and Brendan admit they haven't played it. Katharine does say it's got a train in it, though, so let's go with that: Final Fantasy VI is an all-time classic because it's got a train in.

Alongside the pixel art polish, the remaster has a rearranged soundtrack overseen by original composer Nobuo Uematsu, a modern UI, and auto-battle options. Final Fantasy VI's release will mean all the original games are now available on Steam, including as part of a bundle.

This means we've got great versions of every main line Final Fantasy on PC, right? Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade launched via the Epic Games Store late last year, with Katharine proclaiming it "the Final Fantasy for fans and first-timers" in her review.

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