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Second Act: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Released

Nearing the final part of FFXIII

As a decent human being, I'll warn you in advance if I intend to give you a clip round the ear (though I'm not decent enough to not whack you). If I were making you a cake, though, I'd wait until it was baked and cooled to tell you. What this clever intro I feel too ill today to pull off would lead towards is: I've mentioned before that RPG sequel-sequel Final Fantasy XIII-2 was due a PC release on December 11th, but now it's actually out so you can actually play it. That would've been so slick and clever. I was working on a mnemonic I'm sure you'd all use daily and everything.

Square Enix had said they'd learned lessons from the Final Fantasy XIII port they released in October, which lacked pretty basic config options like, oh, being able to change resolution. Luckily beloved modder 'Durante' (him wot fixed Dark Souls and Deadly Premonition) was on hand to once again save the day. So how's the port of XIII-2 looking?

Well, casting my eye over the Steam user reviews, I see folks noting it does have options for resolution, shadow resolution, and anti-aliasing. That's about it, though. Some folks are grumbling about this one's performance too. Take 'em with a pinch of salt, sure, but reviews seem to broadly agree that the porting is still a bit wonky.

As for the game itself, well, jeez, I don't know. Have you played it? Sound off in the comments.

The final part of the FFXIII trilogy, Lightning Returns, is due on PC by spring. Third time's a charm?

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