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Final Fantasy 14 Launches Two-Week Free Trials

Two weeks of questing and chocobos

Final Fantasy 14 is pretty good since rebooting under the subtitle A Realm Reborn, They tell me. It's got quests, They say, and monsters and numbers and treasure and all that MMORPG stuff, and colours too. Something like that, anyway. But I don't know, and if you don't know either, perhaps we can all find out together. See, Square Enix are launching fourteen-day trials, ooh, any second now.

If you want in, trials have opened this very minute so you can download the installer and start questing. Terms and conditions, of course, apply.

Trial accounts face restrictions including a level cap of 20, only eight character slots, fewer chat options, no trading, being limited to only joining parties not forming them, and more. It's a combination of limits intended to thwart gold farmers and to make frustrate players just enough to want to give Square Enix money for more. You'll also need to create a new account if you've played the beta or had a bash at the trial before, as it's intended only for new-new players.

Two weeks and level 20 won't show you what the end-game looks like, but should broadly introduce its main systems and give a feel for it. To turn trials into subscriptions, Squeenix today also launched a 'recruit a friend' campaign, offering shiny things if subscribers get a chum to join up. I imagine this means yer pals will bug you to sign up saying you'll love it, you'll really love it, oh, you'll be best Fantasy friends forever, so they can get to ride a special bird.

If you find moving pictures exciting, here, a trailer about the update released a few weeks ago:

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