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Fire up your removal van, Moving Out launches today

Get ready for a frantic new Overcooked-like

Grab your friends and start throwing boxes out the window because Moving Out is here. It's a couch co-op game in which you will literally have to cooperatively carry couches (amongst many other items of furniture) and chuck them on your moving van as fast as you can. It's a fun and frantic Overcooked-like with some adorable character design to boot. When I played it at EGX last year, I took control of a little dude with a toaster for a head, and if he carried something that was too heavy for him burnt toast would start popping out. It's all in the details.

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You can play Moving Out with up to four players - though just because the game is couch co-op doesn't mean you need to be on the same couch to play it. Moving Out has Steam's Remote Play Together feature, so even if you're practising social distancing with your buds, you'll still be able to play it online with them. Only the host needs to own the game to play like this, too, so you won't all have to shell out for a copy.

As you level up your F.A.R.T (that's a Furniture Arrangement Relocation Technician to you and me), you'll unlock a bunch of varied levels, from office buildings to haunted houses.

I played a great farm level where you have to get a bunch of animals into your truck. They all run around and get wiggly when you grab 'em, then when they're on the moving van they like to break free and go for another run around.

Looks like there are some even cooler levels now than the ones I played before, though. Get a load of that one with the giant fan letting players float around in space! I've never been so excited for something that looks so stressful.

The game also has a load character customisation, accessibility features, and even an assist mode so you can adjust certain things in the game (like giving you more time to complete levels, for example) to better suit your playstyle.

It's out today for on Steam for £20/$25/€23, and there's even a demo you can download so you can try before you buy. The game also hits Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One today.

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