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Giants: Citizen Kickstarto - First Wonder Crowdfunding

Looking for $500,000

Crowdfunding has brought us dug up and revisited things from The Good Old Days including Planescape: Torment (Torment: Tides of Numenera), Fallout (Wasteland 2 kinda sorta be honest), Syndicate (Satellite Reign), and Freelancer (Star Citizen). Now here comes First Wonder [official site], billing itself as a spiritual successor to the charming Giants: Citizen Kabuto. It's on Kickstarter, looking for $500,000 (£330k-ish).

Released in 2000 by Planet Moon Studios, a gang founded by folks who formerly worked on MDK at Shiny Entertainment, Giants was a three-way scrap between an ancient race of sea witches (my kinda people), the giant monster they created (a sweetie), and the daft people who land on their planet (the sillies). You got to play all three sides, and each play very differently: the Meccaryns have jetpacks and massive guns; the Sea Reapers had swords, bows, and magic; and Kabuto was a honking great monster he hardly goes around building bases does he I mean what do you expect? It was pretty good! And pretty funny. And never got a follow-up.

Now Planet Moon co-founder Nick Bruty has co-founded Rogue Rocket to try to make First Wonder, which is, y'know, a lot like Giants. Across multiplayer and singleplayer, First Wonder will have you smash things as Monstro and zap them as Cargonauts. But it doesn't seem to have any Sea Reapers, booo!

Should they get the $500,000, they plan to release First Wonder in "late 2016". If you want in, pledging at least $25 or $30 (£17 or £20) - depending on if you catch an early bird offer - would get you a copy of the finished game.

This here Kickstarter pitch video includes a little early gameplay footage and some ropey cutscenes:

Watch on YouTube

Giants is on GOG, you know.

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