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Fit For A King waltzes out

Monarchy made easy

Hear ye, hear ye! 16th-century regency simulator Fit For A King is available now, bringing a taste of rulership to the masses. Step into the shoes of Henry VIII and attempt to outshine your French rival king with your money and excesses. If you don’t know what emulating Henry VIII entails, here’s a trailer that’ll elucidate. I have a history degree and I can confirm it’s pretty much accurate.

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I have been poking around the life of Queen Jay, and though I haven’t yet attended the summit that everyone is buzzing about, I have had rather a nice time breaking into chests to gather up money, petting dogs, and getting absolutely blotto in the wine cellars. Also at one point I walked into a fire to see what would happen and got burned. So there’s some regal advice for you.

All that without getting into the kingliest of abilities, like lute playing, executing people, and marrying just about anything in your path. It’s a busy ol’ life, being ruler. Luckily there’s not a lot of pesky actual ruling necessary, since that would just get in the way of being rich and doing exactly what you want.

And yes, as many people correctly pointed out previously, it does look like several of the Ultima games. The eighth (and penultimate) entry in that series came out in the year I was born. Don’t make me make you feel old.

Fit For A King is available now on and Steam, for £6.29/$8.99/€7.19 thanks to its 10% launch discount, which lasts until Thursday the 12th of September.

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