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Live out your wildest Henry VIII dreams in upcoming Fit For A King

Six wives is small fish

Who among us has not dreamed of becoming a regent, tasked in theory with running the country but in practice exerting diplomatic humiliation on your rivals by living to the maximum excess possible. These dreams come true in Fit For A King, the Henry VIII simulator that’ll allow you to carry out his three favourite activities: getting hitched, executing people, and throwing cash around like there’s no tomorrow. See all the lovely sprites you’ll be able to wed and/or behead in the trailer below.

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Unfortunately, you’ve lost all your gold and you’ll need to find it again if you’re going to spend it all on being better than the French King Frank. Luckily, you have a host of ways to find it again, from searching the castle to raising taxes to playing the lute.

Though Henry VIII is credited with composing many songs, including Pastime in Good Company which has been adapted for the game, I don’t think he was a professional busker. Still, this is your version to tell, and I’m sure there are lots of situations that being a kingly bard will come in handy. Alternatively, you can just go around destroying the kingdom and not playing any music at all. Up to you!

Don’t worry about divine intervention, says the game’s Steam page. “Who's going to stop you? God? Nope. You're also the Pope.” Which is certainly true to ol’ Henry’s proclivities in forming new religious organisations, but whether or not God could stop the Pope is a theological question that I am unqualified to answer. On the other hand, while my instinct says of course he can, did Henry VIII think so? The evidence of his life deeds would suggest not.

Fit For A King is scheduled to release on Steam on September 5th.

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