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Flight Club: CCP's In-Game Eve Seminars

We do need educastion.

The only time I managed to get feel in control in Eve Online was when a friend wise in the ways of 0-0 decided to teach me. He told me what to buy, what to fit to my ship, and what skills to train. It perhaps led me down a path that he'd already worn in the space lanes, and I spent most of my time ferrying goods and waiting for the political intrigue and espionage to begin. Who knows? Maybe I was a puppet in his game of political intrigue and espionage, but it sure felt like I was a courier of insignificant goods. But without him helping me along, I doubt I'd have even gone that far. It's a relationship that underpins Eve, and now CCP are going to attempt to do something similar. Their New Player Training Sessions will be CCP led in-game seminars, teaching Pod people how to fight more and fumble less.

The first of 12 events starts this evening. The theme for this series is 'player-to-player combat', with a new event underpinning that knowledge being held few days until November 18th. A month of learning, with topics like fitting your ship, earning money, and understanding the UI to make sure players are better placed when the time comes to fire on another player. Just join the "New Player Training Sessions" at the times advertised on the page.

CCP's reasoning is sound: educated players make the game better.

The simple fact is a lot of players come into the game and are overwhelmed by what they find. Teaching them in a structured fashion like this can help them get into New Eden more quickly and get them out there interacting with other players. Your corporations and alliances will benefit, either by having better-trained recruits, more informed customers, or even targets more willing to come out and fight you.

For those that can't make it, the sessions will be recorded and released online, just like a video of a cat on a Roomba.

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