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Flotilla 2 jacks in to blast off

More Flotilla? Hurrah! VR exclusive? Ah...

Quadrilateral Cowboy and Thirty Flights Of Loving superstar Brendon Chung of Blendo Games has released Flotilla 2, a VR-only sequel to 2010's tidy turn-based tactical spaceship battler. Yes, you'll need Rift or Vive cybergoggles if you want to jaunt across space with a rag-tag group of spaceships. That leaves me out but, as someone who likes the first one, I do still hope goggheads juice their central processing meats hard on this.

Once again, the core of Flotilla is turn-based tactical battles in 3D space about manoeuvring to strike at enemies' weak points while protecting your own. Spacewar!

While the first Flotilla was a bit of a roguelikelike spaceroad trip, jaunting across random encounters and events before inevitably leading to your death from a fatal illness after a fixed time, it sounds like Flotilla 2's structure is a little more directed. The blurb say it has "a campaign of 100 hand-crafted levels filled with deadly mines, gravity wells, cosmic horrors, and more." Though I can't see for myself, because I jack in without a data visor or digigloves (harder for the megacorps to track, yeah?).

Chung is still the gameboss but this time drafted help to make those campaign levels, in the form of Aquma, Valerie Lin, ATL3Y, and Evan Hemsley. The game also has a level editor to build your own, as well as mod support for new ships and weapons and doodads.

Flotilla 2 launched on Friday on Steam at £6.47/€8.99/$8.99, which includes a 10% launch discount.

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