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Fly a plane in Grand Theft Auto by holding your arms out like wings with these Kinect controls


I don't know what's more surprising: that someone has set up a Kinect to control aeroplanes in Grand Theft Auto V by holding his arms out like a kid pretending to be a plane on the playground, or that he didn't make speed controlled by how loudly he shouted "Nyoom!" This is the latest work of Eric "Insert Controller Here" Heckman, a YouTuber known for his weird custom controllers (including one to ragequit by pouring literal salt). Now he's here T-posing, pretending to be a plane through Microsoft's motion sensor. And yes, absolutely he's planning to do this for Microsoft Flight Simulator too.

I do like that the gesture to bail out is throwing your hands up above your head as if trying to punch out the canopy of a fighter jet. Kicking to pull up the landing gear is a great move too. Beyond that, it's fairly simple: stretch your arms out like an airplane to crank the throttle, lean back and forward to control pitch, to the sides to control yaw and turn, and hard to the sides to roll.

The video description does give links to the software necessary to get this up and running on PC yourself, if you have a Kinect sensor bar. Do check out his YouTube channel for more curious controllers, though I wouldn't advise recreating the one which tases him.

"Since this project does not modify any of the Grand Theft Auto files, it could be used in GTA Online," he added in a Reddit comment. Given the state of some pilots I've been paired with on the Prison Break heist, I half-think people are already using it.

Heckman ended the video with a wee tease, saying "I plan to continue taking these flight controls even further when the new Flight Simulator 2020 comes out later this month." That, I do want to see. Simulated planes have many more buttons than Santos planes, a whole lot of inputs to map to movements.

Disclosure: I have some pals at Rockstar. I don't quite know what they do, but evidently it's not running around going "Nyoom!"

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